• COZ Garden

  • The Hugh Cole COZ Garden is located in the courtyard of the Hugh Cole Elementary School in Warren, Rhode Island. The garden provides COZ students with the unique opportunity to learn basic gardening skills throughout the school year and summer camp. Our goal is to have students bring their knowledge home and start a garden of their own.

  • COZ Garden

  • Garden Inspired Community Service

    • Support local soup kitchens by donating fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Donate farm stand proceeds to a charity of the children's choice.
    • Give thanks to those who support the garden.


  • Top Five Reasons to Start a School Garden

    1. Encourage children's connection with nature.
    2. Give greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
    3. Provide a hands-on outdoor classroom.
    4. Help children learn responsibility.
    5. Create healthy eating habits.  
  • STEM

    STEM Gardening Applications

    Science    Composting, entomology, botany, and meteorology

    Technology    Gardening tools and computer aided research

    Engineering    Designing a garden (sunlight, drainage, and bed placement), building planters, and creating trellises

    Mathematics    Weighing vegetables, charting growth, and measuring rainfall


  • Bristol Warren Family Resource Center
    COZ Program
    Hugh Cole Elementary School

    50 Asylum Road
    Warren, RI 02885
    (401) 245-1460 ext. 8076