Office of the Superintendent

  • Office of Superintendent Contact Information: 


    Jonathan T. Brice, Ed.D., Superintendent


    Kathryn Brown, Administrative Assistant

    401.253.4000 ext. 5103

  • Dr. Jonathan Brice is a PreK-12 leader with 26+ years of experience as a teacher, school administrator, and executive in school districts, at the U.S. Department of Education, and non-profit organizations.  

    Dr. Brice currently serves as Superintendent of the Bristol Warren Regional School District.  In this role, he has day to day responsibility for the academic, managerial, community engagement, and operational direction of a 3200 student regional district in Rhode Island.  Under Dr. Brice's leadership, the district is engaged in a process of becoming a Top 5 in 5 Years academic performing district in Rhode Island.  This goal will require development and alignment of strategic plans, district and school budgets, education master facilities plan, and contract negotiations to support increased student academic performance.

    Previous to the role of Superintendent of Schools,  Dr. Brice served as an executive in five large school districts in Maryland, Florida, and Delaware, ranging in size from 20,000 students to 162,000 students.  His areas of responsibilities have included: alternative education, public information, research and assessment, special education, student services, supporting and evaluating school principals, and technology.

    During the presidential administration of President Barack Obama, Dr. Brice served as Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.  His portfolio contained a variety of areas including: Impact Aid, Safe and Healthy Students, Rural Education, Migrant Education, Indian Education, Academic Improvement and Teacher Quality, Family and Community Engagement.  Additionally, Dr. Brice supported the My Brother's Keeper initiative.  

    Since 2007, Dr. Brice has served as an education consultant to individuals and organizations.  Dr. Brice has mentored high school through graduate students and coached principals and school district administrators.  Additionally, Dr. Brice has been an education consultant for organizations and school districts such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, various school districts, and in February, 2018, the New Rochelle Board of Education selected Dr. Brice as Chair, TaskForce on Reducing Violence in the Lives of Children and Youth in New Rochelle, New York.