• Please remember to use the Frontline system to request PLUs and register for PD activites!

  • What is High-Quality Professional Learning (HQPL)?

    HQPL consists of learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful, systemic and structured over a sustained period of time with the goal of improving and building upon educators' practices and student outcomes. HQPL enables educators to impact student learning and well-being through the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills, and abilities that address the whole child. HQPL conforms to best practices in research and relates directly to the educator's professional context (grade level, content area, and role) through which the learning is applied. 


    Certification Renewal

    Educators holding Initial Certificates must complete 25 PLUs per year of employment for a total of 75 PLUs to progress to a Professional (5-year) certificate. If the educator was only employed for 1 or 2 years of the 3 year initial certificate or was not employed in a publicly funded educational setting, it will be renewed as an Initial Certificate. If the educator was employed in a publicly funded educational setting, but on leave for 1 or more years, a prorated number of PLUs along with a letter confirming leave status must be submitted.  

    Educators holding Professional Certificates must complete 15 PLUs per year of employment for a total of 60 PLUs to renew a Professional (5-year) certificate. Since PLUs were not required until renewal year 2020, educators must complete them for school years starting from 2019-20.

    Educators who achieve an aspirational benchmark in addition to the 60 PLUs can progress to an Advanced Certificate (7-year). Evidence of aspirational benchmarks must be submitted to RIDE when renewing online on My eCert. Aspirational benchmarks include:

    1. National Board Certification

    2. Conferral of an advanced degree

    3. RIDE or national recognition (Milken Award, State Teacher of the Year, or Presidential Award for Math and Science)

    4. Completion of NISL Executive Development Program or served as a NISL facilitator

    5. Achieves RIDE certification in limited number of shortage areas identified by RIDE

    An hour of approved professional learning equals one Professional Learning Unit (PLU). LEAs will verify in the Personnel Data Collection system that the educator has completed all required PLUs. RIDE will not collect individual PLU evidence, but educators should maintain their own records.  

    Educators can renew online using the RIDE Portal. We anticipate a heavy volume of renewal applications this year and urge all educators to renew early!  

    A slide deck and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the renewal page of the RIDE Website.  

    For questions regarding certification, please email eqac@ride.ri.gov or submit a ticket at https://support.ride.ri.gov/.    

    For specific questions regarding professional learning, please email pl@ride.ri.gov


    Professional Learning Resources:

    The Professional Growth module of Frontline contains the district catalog of Professional Learning activities, a fill-in form to request PLUs and a proposal form to request pre-approval for an activity.  All PLU requests will only be accepted through Frontline. Paper forms for PLU or activity requests are no longer accepted.  Please contact julie.fezettebaker@bwrsd.org if you have questions. 

    How to Request PLUs in Frontline

    How to Register for a District Catalog Activity in Frontline

    Bristol Warren Regional School District Professional Learning Guidance