Subscribing to Email Notifications for Grades

  • Parents of Mt. Hope High School and Kickemuit Middle School students can now subscribe to receive email messages from the Aspen Family Portal when a grade below the threshold defined by the parent is recorded in the teacher grade book.

    Setting Up a Subscription

    1. Login to the Family Portal
    2. Click the Family tab
    3. Click the Notification side-tab:
    4. At the top of the page, select the checkbox next to your email address.
    5. Select the Subscribe checkbox to receive email notifications for Grades.
    6. Define a Grade Threshold by typing a value between 1 and 100 in the box as shown above. The system will send an email when the student receives a grade below this percentage.
    7. Your changes to this screen are saved automatically. There is no SAVE button.
    8. To change the email address associated with your Family Portal account, click Set Preferences on the settings bar at the top of the page, then the Security sub-tab.