The Digital Learning Research and Design Team actively conducts action research to determine which tools and digital learning strategies best personalize learning and improve student achievement. More specifically, Digital Learning R & D Team members:

    • Design and Implement Future Ready Learning Experiences: Design, develop and implement personalized learning experiences through three cycles of action research. 
    • Model Future Ready Learning: Model and communicate effective digital learning strategies in various ways, such as through social media platforms and open classroom walkthroughs.
    • Promote and Model Digital Citizenship: Advocate, model and teach safe, ethical and responsible use of digital information and tools, particularly student data privacy principles.
    • Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership: Actively participate in local and global learning communities to explore creative digital learning approaches. Collaborate with Digital Learning R&D Teams from other schools during quarterly district-wide DLT meetings.

    2017-2018 Digital Learning R & D Team Members

    Hugh Cole Elementary

    Caroline Anderson, Amanda Donovan, Kelly Servant

    Rockwell Elementary

    Renee MacDougall, Kelly Brum

    Colt Andrews Elementary

    Jennifer Cotoia, Julie Lawson

    Guiteras Elementary

    Sarah Thurber, Laura Berard, Jessica O’Neil

    Kickemuit Middle School

    Olivia Chaves, Keith Swist, Mary Cabral