Our Digital Learning Coaches are teacher leaders that have multiple years of experience in the R & D cohorts.  Their primary role is to provide personalized professional learning to colleagues that helps scale effective personalized learning practices throughout each of our district's six schools.  More specifically, digital learning coaches...

    1. Visionary Leadership:  Work with the school principal, Digital R&D Team, and the IT department to develop and implement a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformational change throughout the learning environment. Serve as an empowered user to problem solve, serve as a resource and to support colleagues.
    2. Future Ready Learning Environments: Design, implement and model blended learning environments that leverage technology to effectively personalize student learning.  Collaborate with the IT Department to verify Proof of Concepts.
    3. Personalized Professional Learning: Design and implement personalized professional learning experiences and support models that promote digital learning best practices during professional development days, drop-in sessions, collaborative learning time, or other designated times as planned in conjunction with teachers and the school principal.  
    4. Digital Citizenship: Model and promote best practices in digital citizenship instructionally and professionally.
    5. Professional Knowledge and Growth: Demonstrate professional knowledge, skills and dispositions in content, pedagogical and technological areas as well as adult learning and continuously deepen knowledge and expertise.
  • 2017-2018 Digital Learning Coaches

    Hugh Cole Elementary

    Rachel Beagan, Stephanie Breitmaier, Sue Castigliego, Stephanie Pedro

    Rockwell Elementary

    Ann Corrado, Pam Collins

    Colt Andrews Elementary

    Sue Jones, Hilary Pietz,

    Stacy Dunning

    Guiteras Elementary

    Nicole Galipeau, Vanessa Cronan

    Kickemuit Middle School

    Jen Crandall, Chelsea Leach,

    Jen Saarinen

    Mt. Hope High School

    Caitlin Booth, Laura Cabral, Wayne Lima, Christine Kotuby