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  • 18 subjects available!


    Students will have acess to peer editing. Peers are available to reiveiw spelling, gramar, writing styles, anyalisis, and strucutre. As well as expalin how to write poetry and rehtoircal anaylsis


    Covers subjects such as Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Stasitisics, Pre-calculus, and Caluclus. Students can review practice problems in a more indivualized, step by step manner to further comprehend where errors occured in solving a given problem


    Science includes subjects such as Physical, Earth, and Space Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Marine and Enviromental science. Not only will students be able to get help with the mathematical concepts behind the science, but also be able to talk with peers to further conceptualize and elaborate on the concepts that make up each unit  


    History includeds both U.S history, Western civilization, and European history. Students can review the distinct time periods with peers, as well as discuss the key concepts of each time period 


    With each subject students have the ability to study for upcoming exams and tests. Peer quizes will be available, as well as advice on how to memorize concepts and further study if the student doesn't fully understand the subject

  • Every Tuesday chemistry help will be offered in the library. 

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