• Career and Technical Education

    Why be part of a CTE Program?

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are designed to get students on-the-job ready after high-school. CTE Programs must contain a course sequence, work-based learning, and industry assessments, and be approved by the CTE Board of Education. 

    Students should consider CTE Programs because they have the opportunity to:

    • Earn industry credentials, signaling an employer they are ready for work
    • Earn college credits
    • Learn hands-on
    • Participate in work-based learning aligned with the industry
    • Be able to start a career upon graduation
    • Pursue deeper training or post-secondary education in their field of study
  • Benefits of CTE

    From US Dept of Education, the Sept 2019 article: Bridging the Skills Gap: Career and Technical Education in High School https://www2.ed.gov/datastory/cte/index.html#WHOGRADUATESFINDSAJOB

    High school students who were CTE concentrators graduated from high school at higher rates than their non-concentrator peers.

    CTE Graduated High School



    Percentage distribution of high school CTE concentrator by employment status eight years after expected high school graduation. 

    CTE Concentrators Employment