BW Family Math


This is a collection of resources, articles and activities to support math learning for Bristol Warren students. Hopefully it will also answer some common questions that families ask about math class, diagnostic testing, and how to help with homework.

What is common core?

Math in classrooms today looks a lot different than the math most parents learned when they were kids, and that can be frustrating for parents. This video helps explain why that is.

Standards for mathematical practice

The Standards for Mathematical Practice (MP) help students learn to think like mathematicians—to apply mathematics to solve real-world problems, be resourceful, reason about numbers, and explain and defend their answers.

Learning Trajectories is an excellent resource if you want to learn more about how children learn math, from birth to age 8. There is a ton of information here--games and activities, what order children learn about math, and things you can do to help. (Free registration required to view most of the content.)


This award-winning, high-quality online math program is available for FREE to families from now until June 20, 2022. The offer is available for grades PreK through 8. It transforms the major concepts of the math curriculum into puzzles that students enjoy solving.

What is Growth Mindset? How can it help with learning math?

Check out to find out, and to help you teach and foster the best mindset for learning.

Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts

By Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education, co-founder youcubed

With the help of Cathy Williams, co-founder youcubed & Amanda Confer, Stanford University

IGNITE TALK: There is a difference, by graham fletcher

The difference between learning basic facts "from memory" and memorizing them. It's about flexibility and understanding, not just spitting out a number!