i-Ready My Path is open for business!

Students can access i-Ready MyPath -- their online digital learning platform -- all summer long. They access MyPath through and signing in with their student login information. 30-40 minutes a week is ideal!

Optional I-ready Summer Packet practice

family Math activities and resources

Free, excellent online math games for pre-K to 8th grade that help students understand grade level material.

Math games, activities, virtual manipulatives, puzzles, and even courses, for K-12.

Math challenges from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

A selection of online math games.

Games, activities, and videos with a math focus.

Daily math activities, practice pages, family games, and online games.

Daily fun math stories and problems that families can do together, at three different levels of difficulty.

Math questions to ask your children and tips about how to do it well.


Highly recommended for K-2!

A brilliant, engaging TV series with short episodes (5-6 minutes) that help students develop an understanding of numbers and place value. A companion show, Alphablocks, teaches students about letter sounds. On YouTube (linked below) and Netflix.