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Committee Goals

District Health and Wellness Subcommittee Goals

GOAL: Increase representation of the Health and Wellness Subcommittee to ensure voices from students and teachers at all schools are included as well as community members.

GOAL: Improve communication about school meal offerings and ensure that every student is fully nourished while at school.

GOAL: Aid in the creation a culture in the Bristol Warren Regional School District that values students’ time spent on mental and physical wellness and ensure that students have more than the minimum amount of time required by law for physical education, unstructured free-play recess and lunch.

GOAL: Focus the Bristol Warren Regional School District’s attention on the mental health needs of students to ensure that everyone in the district receives the social emotional support they need.

GOAL: Proactively partner with community-based organizations to drive greater awareness of and participation in activities and programs promoting health and wellness for our students, teachers, staff, and administrators.

GOAL:  Increase awareness of and interest in health and wellness activities within the schools.