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Bids/RFP Process

In order to retrieve any BWRSD RFP bid and any addendums, interested parties must complete the specific bid google form linked below with the RFP/Bid Number and title in the ACTIVE BID section so that we can obtain your contact information so that all interested bidders will receive all bid documents, addendums and FAQ’s that may be added during the active bid.

As stated above, all RFPs must be obtained on this Business & Finance Department’s Bid page of the Bristol Warren Regional School District’s website to ensure proper registration to receive all documents.

New Bids (Active)


Previous Bids (Inactive)

2023-2024 Bid

2022-2023 Bids

Bid #8-5-8-23 Track Resurfacing

Bid #7-4-5-23 Architectural/Engineering Services RIDE Necessity school Construction Stages I, II, III & IV  

Bid #5-3-13-23 Bolier Maintenance Service

Bid #4-03-13-23 Warren School Grounds Maintenance 

Bid #2-2-15-23 Trash & Recycling

Bid #1-2-15-23 Emergency Service Generators Repost

Bid #6-2-16-23 Owner's Project Management Services


2021-2022 Bids

Bid #8-6-10-22 District Grounds Maintenance


Bid #2-2-2-2022


Bid #1-1-31-2022 Roof Replacement Project at Guiteras Elementary School

Bid #15-7-16-21 Athletic Trainer Contract


 2020-2021 Bids

Bid #1-4-1-21 Owners Project Management

Bid #2-4-1-21 Architectural and Engineering Service Contract

Bid #3-4-1-21 CTE Technology Equipment

Bid #4-4-1-21 Chromebox and Licensing Unit

Bid #5-5-5-21 Fire Suppression System Services Contract (reposted on 6-25-21)

Bid #6-5-5-21 Trash & Recycling Removal

Bid #7-5-5-21 Liquidation of Tech Equipment

Bid #8-5-5-21 FY21 Audit of Financial Statements

Bid #9-6-25-21 Tech Hardware

Bid #10-6-25-21 Phone Systems/Services

Bid #11-6-25-21 Fire Suppression System Services Contract

Bid #12-6-25-21 Owner's Project Management Service Contract

Bid #13-6-25-21 Architectural and Engineering 

Bid #14-6-25-21 Athletic Trainer Contract (reposted on 7/16/21)


New Bids - Active

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