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Employee Safety

The Bristol Warren Regional School District is committed to eliminating hazards, protecting our staff, and improving workplace safety and health.  Employees should report any workplace hazards, unsafe conditions, close calls/near misses to their immediate supervisor so that they can be addressed before an injury or illness occurs.


All employees are responsible for immediately reporting all injuries that have occurred during work time to their Administrator/Manager. All job-related injuries must be documented with the Workers’ Compensation carrier regardless of whether or not they result in lost time or medical expenses. 

In the event an injury or illness occurs, the following documents should be completed in their entirety within 24 hours of the incident:

  1. Employee's Report (completed by employee)
  2. Accident/Injury Incident Report (completed by Administrator/Manager)
  3. Witness Statement (if applicable)

After all documents have been reviewed and signed, they must be scanned/e-mailed to:

For a list of preferred providers in your area, please refer to the 2021 Preferred Provider Network (PPN) Booklet provided by the Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust.


Emily Fox, District Administrator Manager
Phone: (401) 253-4000 ext. 5143