The School Counseling team is committed to providing our students with a compreshensive counseling program comprised of the following:   

    Structured Workshops to help our students develop the necessary skills / information to make educated college and career related decisions.
    Workshop topics include:        

    Career Exploration & Assessments
    The College Planning Process
    The College Application Process,
    Pathways & Course Planning
    Program of Studies

    Responsive Services to address the immediate personal and academic concerns of our students.

    Individual Planning to assist students in monitoring and understanding their own educational, career, and personal - social development.

    System support to linkfaculty, staff and community members in our education programming and school improvement planning

    (ILP's) Individualized Learning Plans Mt. Hope High School is committed to helping students to develop and maintain Individual Learning Plans (ILP) as part of Mt.Hope High School's graduation requirements.  With the assistance of the school Counselors and in collaboration with teachers and parents, students develop and maintain their personal ILP in Naviance to customize their learning and set individualized academic, career / college and personal / social goals.  Each student willupdate their ILP's on an annual basis which is essential in order to promote self-awareness and to guide decision making.