I. Academic
        - Read for a variety of purposes
        - Write for a variety of audiences and purposes
        - Listen and speak to gain, evaluate and present complex information
        - Solve complex problems
        - Access, evaluate and utilize information, media and technology

    II. Social
        - Learn from and work collaboratively with individuals representing
          diverse cultures, religions, and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect
        - Know how to make appropriate choices with respect to one’s
          physical, social, and emotional well-being
        - Act responsibly and respectfully towards self and others keeping
          the interest of the larger community in mind
        - Utilize time and manage workload efficiently

    III. Civic
        - Participate effectively in civic life by being a responsible and skilled
        - Exhibit ethical behavior in the areas of honesty, integrity, and self-
        - Value and respect school and community property
          Exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy