• Our Mission:

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  • The District Wide Health and Wellness Subcommittee is an advisory committee that: (a) advises the Bristol Warren Regional School Committee to ensure that the Bristol Warren Regional School District is in compliance with current federal, state and local guidelines and laws; (b) promotes health and wellness events and activities throughout the school district and broader community to improve nutrition, social-emotional wellness, physical fitness and well-being among students, faculty, and administration. 

    The Health and Wellness Subcommittee’s governing principle is that physical, mental, and social health are critical to student success. The Health and Wellness Subcommittee is a place where ideas are shared, dissent is welcomed and work is valued in furtherance of this governing principle. We will take actions guided by our governing principle to achieve our mission to provide all students, faculty, staff, and administration with the health and wellness support they need for excellent teaching and learning in all Bristol Warren Regional School District schools. All Wellness Committee Meetings are open to the public, and are normally held in the Oliver Administation Building

    Please contact the Subcommittee Chair with any questions:

    Karen Cabral: karen.cabral@sc.bwrsd.org