Superintendent of Schools

  • It is my honor and privilege to lead a school district for which we can be proud of, with students, staff, families, and the community coming together to support our mission and vision.  Through these partnerships, the Bristol Warren Regional School District (BWRSD) is and will continue to be recognized as one of the leading school districts in the state.

    All school improvement discussions in BWRSD are premised in the following four essential questions: What do we want students to know and be able to do? How will we assess their knowledge and skills? What will we do when the students do not meet proficiency? And what will we do when students exceed proficiency?

    The vision of the BWRSD is to provide all students with personalized learning environments that promote deeper, authentic learning experiences.  Furthermore, it is the district’s mission to engage families and community partners in creating vibrant and adaptive learning environments that support all students in realizing their full potential as productive and successful members of our society.  

    Based upon this vision and mission, the district has developed and started implementing a systematic plan that maximizes learning opportunities and prepares students for success in college, career, and citizenship.  This plan aligns with the National Educational Technology Plan, our District Strategic Plan and best practices as recommended by the the Alliance for Excellence in School Budgeting.

    To guide our work towards transformative teaching and learning, we have adopted the Future Ready Framework to plan and implement a systematic and coherent approach to personalized learning for all students.


    Digital Learning Amplifies the Impact of Great Teaching

    When carefully designed and thoutfully applied, technology accelerates, amplifies and expands the impact of high-quality teaching.

    Personalized learning involves tailoring content, pacing, and feedback to the needs and interests of students and empowering them to regulate and take ownership of their learning.

    Digital assessments help make thinking visible. They can measure student learning in efficient and effective ways that provide teachers, administrators, families, and most importantly students with timely and meaningful feedback on learning progress. Digital learning tools also provide students with multiple ways to show what they know based upon their learning preferences.

    Digital learning creates environments that promote deeper learning opportunities for students to create, communicate, collaborate, and engage in problem solving grounded in real-world challenges. Students amplify their voice and their knowledge by connecting, sharing, and learning with an expanded, authentic audience beyond the classroom.

    Digital learning helps students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to learn effectively and live productively as responsible citizens in an increasingly digital world.

    I trust that this website will provide you the information you need to become familiar with our schools and district.  If you have any questions about our district, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you for your interest and active engagement in Bristol Warren Regional School District!

    Mario J. Andrade, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools