Our Towns-Bristol and Warren, Rhode Island

  • Bristol and Warren are known as a beautiful seaside communities located in Rhode Island.  Both have a rich history in the fishing, shellfishing and manufacturing trade. 

    During the late 1950's and 1960's the Rhode Island General Assembly began exploring the concept of school district regionalization. They were offerring financial incentives to school districts for regionalization.  This financial incentive was a 2% increase in state aid for each grade level.

    Warren was identified as an area for potential regionalization because each grade level contained less than 100 students.  A comprehensive high school experience could not be realized for a class of students less that 100 students.  

    The town of Warren examined both neighboring towns-Barrington and Bristol, and Bristol was determined to be a better fit for a regionalization partner.  A "Blue Ribbon" commission examined the advantages and disadvantages of regionalizing the two districts.  In 1991, the issue was put forth to the taxpayers and a vote was taken to regionalize the two districts.  

    The work began in planning the integration of the two districts.  For the first year, the two districts operated separately as the important issues of facilities and Collective Bargaining Agreements were organized. 

    By the second year, the two districts were fully integrated and on July 1, 1992, Bristol and Warren became one regional district.  The 1993-1994 school year was the first year of full regionalization. 

    Since this time, there has been many great accomplishments in the Bristol-Warren Regional School District!  Our schools have been fully renovated and are ready for 21st Century Learning!!