Transportation Notes:

    • Masks are required by federal order on school buses and other forms of public transportation.
    • Per RIDE's Outbreak Response Protocols, when a passenger is confirmed to have COVID-19 (test positive), there may be up to 29 close contacts of that person who will be required to quarantine. On a bus, close contacts of a confirmed case are those who were seated two rows in front, two rows behind, and the same five rows on the opposite side of the aisle as the positive case.
    • The 2021-22 Online Transportation Registration is no longer open. Please call or email Eileen Ciniglio, our transportation coordinator, for assistance.
    • Transportation Forms for alternate address requests must be returned to the Administration Buiolding, 151 State St or by email to eileen.ciniglio@bwrsd.org


    Eileen Ciniglio, Transportation Coordinator

    401-253-4000 ext 5122
    Fax 401-253-1740
    eileen.ciniglio @bwrsd.org