• Transportation

    Due to Covid 19 - BWRSD will work with families to meet the RIDOH guidelines for transportation. Due to limitations on the number of students allowed on a school bus at one time, and to ensure we can appropriately space student seating (from 60+ students to no more than 21-24 students), we will be requesting that families register for school bus transportation only if it is absolutely essential. This will allow us to reduce numbers sufficiently and eliminate the need for additional bus runs and delays in our ability to get students to school in a reasonable amount of time. Students will be required to take the same bus to/from school.  BWRSD will hire additional staff to ride the bus and ensure all RIDOH guidelines are followed. The following procedures will be followed: 

    Bus Stop/Arrival at School: Parent/guardian/student will complete the self-attestation form each morning documenting symptoms/lack of symptoms per CDC guidelines. Students will go to the bus stop at a designated time. Bus arrives at designated bus stop. Staff confirms the student has completed daily screening form, provides the student with hand sanitizer and mask (if needed), and directs the student to the assigned seat. If a parent/guardian/student has not completed daily screening, staff conducts screening protocols.


    Bus stops are not monitored, families will be encouraged to remind students to wear their mask and maintain social distance while at the bus stop.  All riders will be required to wear masks at all times on the bus. Protocols are followed at each bus stop until the bus arrives at the designated school. Students are instructed to remain on the bus until school staff indicates it is appropriate to disembark.


    Dismissal: The bus arrives at school to begin the dismissal process and parks at its designated pick up location. Staff provides students with hand sanitizer and mask (if necessary) and directs them to the assigned seat. All riders are required to wear a mask on the bus at all times. Students disembark once the bus arrives at their designated bus stop (disembark from front of the bus to back of the bus). Once the bus has dropped off all students, staff wipes down all seats and high traffic areas. Bus returns to the bus yard and daily cleaning is completed.


    Bus stop times are approximate; students should be at their stop a minimum of 5 minutes before the posted time.  Bus routes and bus stops are subject to change throughout the school year.  Bus stops are from their home address only.  Students requesting alternate pickup or drop off must fill out the appropriate paperwork with the Bristol Warren Regional School District administration office prior to the start of school.  Students attending private or parochial schools are required to request transportation from the RI Department of Education/Statewide Transportation.


    Eileen Ciniglio, Transportation Coordinator
    401-253-4000 ext 5122
    Fax 401-253-1740
    eileen.ciniglio @bwrsd.org