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ELL (English Language Learners) Title III Program

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English Language Learner (ELL) Program         

Welcome to the Bristol Warren Regional School District (BWRSD) English Language Learners (ELL) Program.

Meeting the individual needs of our English Language Learner and their families is a top priority for the Bristol Warren Regional School District and our entire school community. 

The primary goals of the K-12 ELL Program are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate ELL program personalized to each student's level of English Language proficiency, including instruction in the content areas of math, science, and social studies.
  • Develop full English language proficiency within 1 to 5 years of participation in the program and based on the student's initial level of English language proficiency.
  • Provide research-based content instruction as students develop their English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Develop a positive attitude between a student's native culture and their new culture.  

The BWRSD ELL students are comprised of students who are English Language Learners from multiple languages, cultural backgrounds, and a wide range of native language literacy skills with varying levels of English proficiency.

The ELL program design is predominately a Collaborative ELL and General Education program modal, with elements of English as a Second Language (ESL) program provided when necessary to meet the individual needs of our English language learners.   Collaboration between the ELL specialist and the classroom teacher is essential to the success of the program.  Students in a Collaborative ELL and General Education Program spend little instructional time in a separately scheduled ESL class.  ELL specialists work with the classroom teachers to provide highly effective language instruction through an inclusion model in the general education setting. 

An ESL Program is provided when English language learners are at a beginning and emerging level of English proficiency and require more intensive English language instruction. Students receive one or more periods of ESL services either separately or in a regular education classroom.

Due to the diverse native languages of our ELL students, the instruction is predominantly in English.  However, to the extent possible and based on a student's needs, native language supports are provided and enhanced through technology.

We enjoy working collaboratively with teachers, parents, and educators to graciously support our ELL students and their families.  In order to serve our ELL students and families, any questions in regards to the ELL program and student services are greatly welcomed and appreciated. 

Please contact for more information. 

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